“What Will You Blog About?”


“So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.”

“Well, that’s exciting. Why do you want to start a blog?”

“I love to write and share and be creative. And there are a few bloggers I really enjoy. I’m feeling kind of inspired, I guess.”

“What will you blog about?”

(Insert “screeching tires” sound effect HERE. End of conversation.)

This, my friends, is the question that derailed my dreams – not once, not twice, but time and time again after I first heard the blogosphere calling.

“What will you blog about?”

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that question. It isn’t even surprising, really. It’s a rather mundane, rather obvious, rather predictable part of the dialogue. It seems a logical response to a friend who says, “So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.” It’s what I would have said if I were sitting across the table from myself.

Yet it startled me – every – single – time – like the sudden burst of a jack-in-the-box that is expected but jarring nonetheless. And that uncomfortable moment was enough to redirect me, to remind me that not everyone deserves to dream. Dreams are for the carefree, the untroubled, the privileged, and I am none of those things.

Dreams are so easily squashed, charred, drowned, or dismembered.

Like eggs, they break easily before they are hatched.

And this simple question – What will you blog about? – deflated my dream every time. Because my answer was, “I have no idea.” And that just didn’t seem like a respectable response from someone who claims to be serious about writing.

What will you blog about?

It’s a terrifying idea, really, revealing your innermost thoughts, putting those ideas into words, delicately crafting phrases and framing sentences that are so personal, knowing that they are impossible to reclaim once they are shared. Like a politician’s salacious texts or a celebrity’s regrettable tweet, the words live forever, dancing somewhere in cyberspace to be rediscovered, analyzed, challenged, rejected long after the writer is gone.

Writing is a compulsion that is fulfilling . . . and exciting . . . and also as horrifying as a grisly scene from The Walking Dead.


A few times, when the air has seemed just right, just calm and safe enough, I have gently, carefully blown the idea of a blog, like a fragile bubble, toward a few friends, while I sat tight-lipped, squint-eyed, hoping that they would extend a hand where my flimsy idea might land, might be preserved a moment longer, might receive an “ooh” or an “ah” for its fleeting beauty . . .

What will you blog about?


I told you it was fragile.

And so I waited . . . for the time when I would know that it was right . . . for a prophetic dream to tell me exactly what label to slap onto this creation . . . for some miraculous sign . . . for an epiphany . . . for a prescription for confidence . . . for a note from God to arrive in my mailbox, perhaps. (Like the other men in my life, he could be a bit more direct in his communication.  I would appreciate it.)

And finally it hit me; my blog will be about SOMETHING. Or maybe about EVERYTHING. Or maybe, even more accurately, I have created a blog about NOTHING.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .

Questions and fears remain, but there are no more squealing tires in the soundtrack in my head.

What will you blog about?

Welcome to Still Chasing Fireflies, my blog about guilt and joy and frustration and accomplishment and regret, about dreams and failure and hope and tears and laughter. This is a blog about being human. If you are human, you might enjoy my reflections on this life of mine, which, somehow, probably intertwines with yours.

I hope you will be a part of this journey! Thanks for chasing fireflies with me!

~Mary Ann

3 thoughts on ““What Will You Blog About?”

  1. This is beautifully written, my friend. I am so happy to be on this journey with you, even from halfway across the country. I can’t wait to continue chasing the fireflies with you through this blog.


  2. Fabulous debut essay!! It’s always tough to decide what to write or decide what you want to share. Those are tough decisions when starting a blog. Looking forward to reading more! xoxo – Kate


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