Welcome to Still Chasing Fireflies, a blog about the emotional roller coaster that we call the human experience.

If you are going to be sharing my innermost thoughts and dreams, then I should probably introduce myself.  My name is Mary Ann.  I am a loving mama, an okay wife, a passionate teacher, a loyal friend, an aspiring writer, a wannabe runner, a tireless encourager, and a recovering perfectionist, just to name a few.  While I feel pulled a thousand directions every day, my faith and family keep me grounded.

At our house, we try to focus on the bright spots.  And, as elusive as they sometimes are, there are ALWAYS bright spots.  Fortunately, like fireflies, their shine is even brighter when the darkness settles in.

I guess even now, as an adult, I am still chasing fireflies.  I invite you to chase fireflies, too!  I hope you will join this journey with me!

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